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The good rankings of Telecom ParisTech in the international ranking U-Multirank.

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U-Multirank, the largest global university ranking web tool collaborates with leading European group of science and technology universities to produce new rankings. The latest rankings, published online  today (www.umultirank.org) rank universities with a focus in science and technology across performance indicators particularly relevant to their profiles.

The selection of indicators applied in the rankings was selected by CESAER (Conference of European Schools for Advanced Engineering Education and Research). They cover the dimensions: teaching and learning, research, knowledge transfer and international orientation.

In total, 231 universities of science and technology are compared in the latest science and technology rankings. The top 25 universities in this ranking are comprised of 12 countries, with France and the US achieving six and five universities respectively While no university received straight ‘A’ (very good) scores cross all performance indicators, many showcase top scores. For example, the California Institute of Technology in the US achieved ‘A’ scores on seven out of eight possible performance indicators; additionally Technical University Denmark achieved 11 out of 13 possible ‘A’ scores..

The new ranking is also produced for nine science and technology subjects included in U-Multirank: mathematics, biology, chemistry, computer science, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, chemical engineering, industrial engineering/production and civil engineering. On the subject level, some universities score “A” on all indicators on which data are available for them: For example, TU Delft and MIT in mechanical engineering, EPF Lausanne, ETH Zürich, and Telecom Paris in Computer Science, and, Chalmers University, as well as TU Delft and KTH Royal Institute of Technology in electrical engineering.

The latest rankings – exclusive to U-Multirank – come after its recent 2017 publication, including some 1,500 universities from 99 countries around the world.

Download rankings (PDF) :

U-Multirank_Computer Science_Ranking_2017

U-Multirank_Electrical Engineering_Ranking_2017


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